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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cooking the Frugal Way: Spices

This is about 1/2 of our spices in our spice cabinet. One way to save alot of money is to stop buying all of the boxed or canned foods because you can make those things yourself very quickly. I buy my spices at Sam's Club because we have a large family and would use that much, but if you have a smaller family, you can get your spices cheap at the grocery store or even dollar store. Trust me, it is worth the expense of stocking up on these. You will be able to make everything on your own including sauces and most of the boxed and canned items that you have been buying. This has began to save us so much money and I am excited to learn more recipes.

This week, I bought the gallon can of tomato sauce at sams for a little over $2. I was able to make homemade Manwich, 2 meals worth of enchilada sauce, and have tons of tomato sauce left-all because I made use of the spices we bought. Did you know it only takes 1 cup of tomato sauce, broth, ketchup, and spices to make your own enchilada sauce? It usually costs about 84cents per small can of enchilada sauce, so that is a huge savings! We make chicken enchilada casserole and beef enchiladas, so this was a great find.

You can get a gallon can of crushed tomatoes from Sam's Club for a little over $2 and use your spices to make enough spaghetti sauce for probably 3-4 meals for a large family. When you think that you pay that much for 1 jar of store bought sauce, you can see the savings add up.

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