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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ruby's Grace

Hello Everyone! I finally decided on the perfect name for my blog! Ruby's Grace is named for my Grandma Gardner whose name was Ruby and for our youngest daughter who's middle name is Grace. Well, I suppose the name "Ruby's Grace" has many layers, so here's a list of why I chose to name it Ruby's Grace.

♥ My Grandma Gardner (Ruby) was such a sweet and special woman. I adored going to her house when I was a kid and felt so at peace there.
♥ Grandma Gardner (Ruby's) style IS my style. I love everything old and vintage, and with a soul.
♥ Many of the style decisions I make now remind me of Grandma Ruby, so I guess you could say she shaped my style and is still shaping them now, even after she's passed on.
♥ I really got into making hair bows and sewing after our third daughter was born. Her name is Emilee Grace. It is through the Grace of God that we had her and that truly is why her middle name is Grace. It is also through the Grace of having her that I do all of the sewing and crafting now.
♥ It is through the big and gentle heart of my hard working husband that I have the Grace of being able to be a stay at home mom and do all of the things I love such as crafting, sewing, re-purposing old things, making hair bows, scrapping, etc. Not a day passes that I do not appreciate how much his hard work provides for us and for me to be able to do what I truly love.
♥ And saving the best for last, I am so very blessed to have the Grace and Mercy of God on my life daily. I love my life. It is not perfect. But I am always His daughter, always his wife, and always their mother. And with that, everything truly is perfect.

Thanks for visiting my blog and by the Grace of God, I hope to have the time to keep up this blog and share the things I love. Who knows! Soon I may have time to make and sell some thing! One can dream!

Have a Blessed Day! I hope you all have a joyous Easter Celebration!